George Friedman über Europa

"Who will die for the European Union? Who would give his life for an entity that existed to promise him prosperity and peace? It is a contradiction in terms. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. There is a moral principle in the American Union. Good, bad, indifferent, however, you wanna take it. The European Union was purely prudential. It's good business. Join the European Union, make money, don't get drafted. Well, the noise from the east is deafening. And the countries on that eastern frontier, Poland, Hungary, Romania, have realized something very important: the rest of Europe doesn't care. The United States does. I mean we don't gonna miss a war just 'cuz it's far away. [...] You cannot maintain a country in which the Eastern Seaboard can't count on the Midwest to get mad. There is no country, there is no such thing as Europe. [...] [T]he blanket statement 'this is europe' is merely a geographic statement about a continent, it is not a moral statement, it is not a statement of art, it is not a statement of truth."

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