Well, ...

..., that did not go as expected. Trump's foreign and economic policy, his policies against the freedom of movement of people and goods, his ignorance of America's importance to the world's security, and his illiberal, authoritarian views, will have disastrous, if not irreversible effects on everybody's freedom and wealth. Let's just hope that America's constitution and system of checks and balances works, because America, actually, you are already great and you can get through this. Let's also hope that Europe pulls itself together to defend the freedom that America defended up to this point.


Clinton wird (zu 71%) die nächste US-Präsidentin ...

... sagt zumindest Nate Silver, der den Ausgang der vorherigen US-Präsidentschaftswahlen 2012 bereits korrekt vorausgesagt hatte. 

Clintons Chancen stehen bei 71%, Trumps bei lediglich 29%. Silver sagt Clinton 302 Wahlmänner und 48.5% der Wählerstimmen voraus, Trump 235 Wahlmänner und 44.9% der Wählerstimmen.