Leseklick: Führt ein hoher Mindestlohn zu Arbeitsplatzverlusten?

The far more controversial interpretation of the University of Washington study is that it might overturn — or at least throw into doubt — much of the past two decades of research on the minimum wage. The study seems to highlight a limitation with minimum wage studies that focus on industries dominated by low-wage workers — which is a popular methodology.

[...] [T]he UW researchers had the advantage of being able to delve deeper. Instead of looking at the entire food services industry, they could focus specifically on lower-wage restaurant workers. Among these employees, the minimum wage indeed led to lost jobs or cutbacks in hours, the researchers found. They suggest that past research may have missed this effect because it could not distinguish between higher-paid and lower-paid restaurant workers.

Die besagte Studie ist aber noch nicht veröffentlicht, muss also noch durch das Peer-Review.