Overthrowing Kim: A Capitalist Manifesto

The New Ledger - Joshua Stanton: Overthrowing Kim: A Capitalist Manifesto

Kim Jong Il is a democidal despot and with nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and one of the world’s largest standing armies. Only a fool analyzes a problem so complex and so dangerous by infantilizing it. Only a recidivist fool continues to argue for a policy that has been as demonstrable a failure as the appeasement of Kim Jong Il.


As it turns out, North Koreans have found their own ways to express ideas without convicting themselves. They tell jokes with close friends, but mostly, they use inflections. What do the North Korean people want? Mr. Kim [a North Korean defector and once beeing a member of North Korea’s Inner Party] paused for a long time and thought carefully.

“They want to get rid of Kim Jong Il.”

“But surely they don’t say this.”

“No, of course they can’t say that.”

“So, how do you know?”

“They say that they want a war.”

He meant Götterdämmerung, known locally as OPLAN 5027. This was North Korean code-talk for the end of the system, a war that was worth the risk because the survivors would live with hope and ChocoPies, and without rising before dawn to attend criticism sessions.

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