Videoklick: Politics Isn't About Identity, It's About Winning

[I]f your politics are wrapped up with your definition of your self, it gets very hard to have a political discussion because people feel that in disagreeing with their opinion that you're challenging their identity, and that's what's happened on our campuses. We're no longer detached enough to argue without feeling that it's about us, and the big lesson we have to learn it's not about us. It's not about how we define ourselves, it's not about intersectionality, it's not about my sensitivities, it's about fighting for justice out there for other people, and to do that you need to retool.

Hier die ganze (durchaus sehenswerte) Panel Discussion.

Videoklick: Divided island: How Haiti and the DR became two worlds

Die erste Episode der neuen Vox Series Borders über die beiden Staaten Haiti und die Dominikanische Republik, die sich beide die Insel Hispaniola teilen und sich sehr unterschiedlich entwickelten:


Videoklick: Wie man Steuernzahlen attraktiver machen könnte

So imagine, for example, when you pay your taxes you write in the amount and then you can allocate where you want things to go. You could actually say I want more of my taxes to go to schools versus roads versus the military or the reverse if you wanted to support the military more. 


Leseklick: Das nordkoreanische Friedenskomitee für Asien und Pazifik teilt mit ..

"The army and people of the DPRK are unanimously demanding that the Yankees, chief culprit in cooking up the "sanctions resolution", be beaten to death as a stick is fit for a rabid dog. [...] Now is the time to annihilate the U.S. imperialist aggressors. Let's reduce the U.S. mainland into ashes and darkness. [...] The wicked Japs should not be pardoned as they have not yet made a sincere apology for the never-to-be-condoned crimes against our people but acted disgustingly, dancing to the tune of the U.S. "sanctions". [...]. The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche. Japan is no longer needed to exist near us."

No further comment needed.