Die olympischen Spiele und Nordkorea

4koma comic strip - Meanwhile, in North Korea

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Gut, so wird in Nordkorea wahrlich nicht berichtet. Eine Meldung über die olympischen Spiele in London der staatlichen-nordkoreanischen Nachrichtenagentur liest sich eher so:
[...] The achievements made by DPRK sportspersons at the 30th Olympic Games were widely reported by foreign media between August 1 and 3.
[...] The mysterious DPRK team grabbed three gold medals in weightlifting event alone in a few days since the opening of the London Olympics, startling the world. The DPRK team does not return home with empty hands at each big tournament.
[...]Huan Qiu Shibao and Cankao Xiaoxi of China and ITAR-TASS pointed out that the news of the victory of DPRK players is creating sensation among people, adding Olympic zeal is prevalent in the DPRK. Japanese papers said the factor of successes made by the DPRK team is the education of talents peculiar to it. There is a well-regulated system for training children with sporting skill in the DPRK. Reuters, BBC, VOA, the Nepalese paper Majodur and Internet website of the France-Korea Friendship Association reported that DPRK players are unexpectedly grabbing gold medals one by one, attrracting world attention. Media are unsparing in their praises of DPRK players breaking world records, they added. A U.S. Internet paper said that the DPRK is the real winner of the current Olympics. It went on: The fairest method of rating countries in the number of gold medals is to count that of medals per the number of players from each participating country. In that sense, the DPRK placed first. It overwhelmingly tops the list of the countries in the size of their population.

Der wahre Sieger der olympischen Spiele 2012 in London ist daher selbstverständlich die Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea. North Korea, Best Korea!

Ach, dumm nur, dass bei dem derzeitigen Medaillenspiegel Nordkorea vier Gold- und eine Bronzemedaille gewonnen hat, während Südkorea zwölf Gold-, sieben Silber und sechs Bronzemedaillen erringen konnte. Bei einer Bevölkerungsanzahl von 50 (Südkorea) und 25 (Nordkorea) Millionen liegt Südkorea leider auch im Pro-Kopf-Gold- und Gesamt-Medaillenspiegel vor Nordkorea. Schade, Nordkorea.

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