Lesehinweis: Gerüchte rund im Nordkorea

Wurden ranghohe nordkoreanische Parteifunktionäre, wie der Vize-Regierungschef, hingerichtet, wie diverse Medien Anfang der Woche berichtet hatten? Kurz: Vielleicht, aber vielleicht auch nicht.
38 Grad Nord befasst in einem Artikel über Gerüchte und die Berichterstattung der (südkoreanischen) Medien über Nordkorea.

Is this new report of elite executions true? Who knows. But in trying to distinguish truth from fiction about rumored happenings in North Korea, it is worth taking a moment to consider how news about the North is produced in South Korea and picked up by global news organizations. There are three relevant issues: South Korea is in a state of war and competition with North Korea; journalists in South Korea are very comfortable basing stories off of single, anonymous sources; and foreign media organizations are desperate for page views and thus happy to repeat dramatic rumors about the DPRK. In this context, one should be suspicious of rumors from this information supply chain, which encourages sensationalism at every step and offers little reward for ensuring credibility.

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