Drunk Nate Silver

Nate Silvers Erfolg spricht sich so langsam herum und kam sogar - oh Wunder - in den deutschen Medien an. Jedenfalls, auf was ich eigentlich hinweisen möchte ist folgender Internet-Gag: Drunk Nate Silver
Drunk Nate Silver calls a woman who turned him down in college and whispers “There’s a 74% chance you regret it now, with an upward trend.”

Drunk Nate Silver vomiting a Fibonacci spiral on the floor of Taco Bell
Drunk Nate Silver watching your funeral from the bushes, nodding
Drunk Nate Silver in Times Square on New Year's Eve counting down before everyone else
Drunk Nate Silver emails George Lucas the exact time and location of “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”
Drunk Nate Silver holds up cadaver of Punxsutawney Phil with his left hand, bellowing “Winter is coming.”
Achja, und klar sein sollte nun auch: Nate Silver ist ein Hexer!

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