F*cking Birthday Celebrations, Kim Jong-Un!

Pünktlich zu Kim Jong-Uns 30sten Geburtstag am heutigen Tage, sickert ein lustiger Gag aus Nordkorea durch. So gratuliert man Kim laut NKNews dank der koreanischen Sprache zu seinem "verfickten" Geburtstag.
Luckily, the people of the North have found a way to inject a little humour into the routine. January 8th is pronounced in Korean as ‘ilpal’ (one-eight). But the Korean word for eighteen, ‘sippal’, happens to be a homophone of the swear-word ‘f**king’. Pyongyang residents have decided to take advantage of this pun. They are referring to Kim Jong-un’s birthday as the ‘f**king birthday celebrations’, and compulsory apple-picking days as ‘f**king Apple-Picking Days’.
Among some groups of trusted friends, it goes further than that: Kim Jong-un is referred to as ‘f**king comrade’, ‘f**king Marshal or ‘f**king Kim the Third’.

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